Mini owners in Serbia have always known, or at least recognised each other. In Belgrade, they usually met at the specialised Mini garages and mechanics, one of which is Nebojša Nedić from Block 45. The Mini owners who got together there got along nicely, so his son Bane got the idea to start an internet forum at
   The forum was started in Autumn 2007, and soon it attracted members who got there following a recomendation, or searching the Internet. During 2008. there were a few spontanious meetings, peaking with the first serious Mini Meeting in Serbia. In August of the same year, 18 minis and their owners got togherher, and then drove through the town and out to the countryside for a fish stew. This was a good opportunity to strengthen the bonds, and gather data.
   By the end of that year, an idea surfaced to officialy register a club, so the procedure of obtaining money and paperwark was initiated. In December 2008, a key meeting was held, where the Managing Board was elected. During the following month, the bureaucratic saga was completed, and Mini Club Serbia was officialy tregistered.

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Mini Club Serbia headquarters are located at Bulevar Vojvode Misica 49 street Belgrade, and also you can contat us via email at or phone us at +381 60 1515115

Also, we are very active at the Forum, where you will find a section for English speaking visitors.

Club ID:
Full name: Udruženje Građana Mini Klub Srbije
Registation: 130-024-00-01045/2008-07 dated 05.01.2009.
VAT No.: 105922971
ID (Matični Broj): 17744763
Operation code: 91330
Dinar account number (not IBAN): 170-30007227000-13

Managing board:
President Marko Maksimović

Statute download
Registration form download